Some more FAQs about Chimney Sweeping!

What is Carbon Monoxide? Carbon monoxide is known as ‘The Silent Killer’. It is odourless and omitted from appliances and open fires. At Devon Chimney Sweeps, we always ask the question to our customers as to whether they own a carbon monoxide alarm. If not, we can source one for you. I have [...]

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Commonly asked questions about chimney sweeping

Commonly asked questions about chimney sweeping Will the Chimney Sweep leave a mess? No mess at all! We use walking mats that cover your floor from front door through to where the fire is located, we also sheet up in front of the fire. We use a sponge blocking system too for maximum cleanliness.  [...]

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Why Book with Devon Chimney Sweeps?

Why Book with us? See what our customers say about the service we provide! We pride ourselves in offering a quality and efficient service to guarantee customer satisfaction. “In days gone by the sweeping of the chimney caused much worry with soot and dust and sheets spread everywhere. However with Matt from Devon Chimney [...]

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The DCS Newsletter!

Introducing the DCS Newsletter! To keep you up to date with the latest on goings at Devon Chimney Sweeps, we are releasing a newsletter!   Keep an eye out at the end of each month for our latest news.

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Matts Recent Cowl Work!

Chimney Cowl Work in Chudleigh! Matt recently fitted a bird guard to a property in Chudleigh. Bird guards are important for the following reasons: Reduces noise from birds. Helps avoid blockages in the chimney. They prevent birds nesting and entering the chimney pot. Prevents debris accumulating at the bottom of your chimney. Get booked [...]

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CCTV Inspections

Have you recently moved house? We can carry out CCTV inspections on your chimney flue We offer the service to carry out Full Colour CCTV Chimney Inspections of chimneys and flues. This is very useful for customers who may have bought a new property and want to assess the current flue installation [...]

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Chimney Cowl & Capping Off Services

Chimney Cowl & Capping Off Services Do you suffer with chimney problems such as damp patches on your chimney breast? Poor draw? Or blow back into the room? We offer chimney cowl & capping off services, so please talk to us about chimney cowl options. These can provide a host of benefits [...]

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Bird Nest Removal

Birds Nest Removal A common misconception is that a bird’s nest is small and similar to what you may see in treetops, this could not be any further from the truth. If you have an open chimney pot and you’re in a hot spot for nesting birds, then you run the risk of being [...]

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Industry Experts

Industry Experts Devon Chimney Sweeps are HETAS approved for stove servicing. We only use the best equipment for maintenance and to carry out our sweeps. RodTech are industry leading experts in PowerSweeping to ensure your chimney is effectively cleaned and all soot removed, without causing damage to the structure.  

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Industry Experts

Why book with us? Did you know we are industry experts and only use the best equipment? We have completed an intense chimney sweep training course that is a City & Guilds Accredited Programme. Certification is provided by RodTech at their training facilities. Devon Chimney Sweeps are highly trained and certified, government contractors.  If [...]

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