Chimney Sweeping

Our core business chimney sweeping, this has progressed over the years from the Dick van dyke era and style.

Here at Devon Chimney Sweeps our team are trained and certified in using the latest industry approved method of chimney sweeping, known as ‘Power Sweeping’.

This is delivered through the exceptional Rodtech UK equipment we use. Award winning state of the art equipment designed to leave your flue 100% cleaner than the old fashioned conventional methods.

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Why Power Sweep?

We don’t play at being chimney sweeps, as a company we are always investing in training and keeping up to date with styles and methods. As you would expect we are operating fully insured and have a wealth of knowledge to back us up in the field and to offer advice.

Our vehicles are fully equipped to tackle any size, type or difficult chimney situation, so rest assured where previous sweeps may have failed you, we will shine.