Commonly asked questions about chimney sweeping

Will the Chimney Sweep leave a mess?

No mess at all! We use walking mats that cover your floor from front door through to where the fire is located, we also sheet up in front of the fire. We use a sponge blocking system too for maximum cleanliness.  Please see our testimonials to how clean we really are!

Will the Chimney Sweep leave a mess?

Why do I need my chimney swept?

Having your chimney swept annually is a condition of most Building Insurance companies, they will expect you the home owner/tenant to receive a ‘Certification Of Sweep’ after the chimney sweep has taken place. Alongside the legal obligation, it is important for safety to keep your chimney and/or flues clear of soot/tar build up, as without regular sweeping the risk of a chimney fire starting increases.Another reason is through having your chimney swept and appliance serviced, your keeping everything running efficiently, the stove or fire will draw effectively and give you a better heat source. Throughout the sweeping process, we at Devon Chimney Sweeps check all appliances to ensure all parts are free and working correctly, this is important in ensuring longevity of your appliances.

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