Do you need your chimney swept?

Here are some frequent reasons and questions that we receive from customers regarding the frequency of their sweep and the importance of getting your chimney swept.

‘We haven’t used the stove/fire much for the last few years ‘

Domestic insurance requires solid fuel appliances to be swept and serviced annually, this is regardless of use! Ensuring the flue is cleaned whether lined or brick must be inspected and or swept to ensure it’s clear. By using an appliance very little and not carrying out an annual sweep only allows soot/tar to build up making it alot harder to remove. It’s not saving money by less sweeps, but rather risking the chimney to enable a chimney fire due to a build of soot, tar and cobwebs from not being swept.

The same applies to customers who maybe only use their appliance for a few hours an evening.

The importance of keeping the flue clean ensure the entire installation remains safe.

‘I remember that our old open fire was not swept for many years, and worked fine’

With time, comes knowledge and we have learnt to be aware of poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide, chimneys fires are not a safe way to clean your chimney, they are caused from a build up of deposits that have not been removed at all or well enough, or caused from the wrong fuels being used.

Any appliance will only work as is intended if it is maintained regularly depending upon the fuels used and its usage intensity.