Here are Devon Chimney Sweeps, we offer more than just chimney sweeping.  Please see below for our full range of services.

Stove Installations

To fit any multi-fuel Stove, Woodburner, chimney lining or re-lining, requires that the work is carried out by a HETAS qualified installer.

As we are HETAS approved installers, we can commission your stove and ensure building regulations are followed. Without this, your property can potentially be unsellable due to the workmanship not being carried out by an approved HETAS installer. HETAS approved installers do not sign off anyone else’s workmanship. A comprehensive structure is followed on any site visit to ascertain the options for your property, this covers using an existing chimney and its suitability, lining the existing chimney, stove size for the room it’s to be located in along with the building regulation’s requirements on hearth measurements, fireplace construction and many more factors that have to be looked at when fitting any solid fuel appliance or replacing any appliance safely.

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Chimney Sweeping

We carry out chimney sweeping using the latest industry recommended and endorsed equipment. Rodtech power sweeping has revolutionised the industry, this type of chimney sweeping not only removes a greater amount of soot/tar but is far kinder to your chimney as it self feeds up through the most difficult of chimney stacks without the damaging force that traditional rods and brushes use.

Bird Nest Removal

Please see our gallery for some great examples of these.  A common misconception that a bird’s nest is small and half coconut shaped and sized, this could not be any further misleading. If you have an open chimney pot then you run the risk of birds targeting your chimney to nest in. These need to be removed with great care, they can be quite time consuming in removing as we need to ensure all the nest is removed in order to make the chimney safe. Throughout this process we will use protective breathing equipment as bird’s nests are susceptible to containing bacteria that can cause silicosis in humans (Type A Pneumonia). This is NOT a job for anyone but a qualified chimney sweep.

Chimney Cowl & Capping Off Services

If you suffer with chimney problems such as poor draw, or blowback into the room, then talk to us about chimney cowl options, these can offer a host of benefits to the chimney such as:

  • Better draw from the fire without downdraught pressures.
  • Prevention of water ingression with a bird guard fitted.
  • Prevention of nesting birds entering the chimney pot with a bird guard being fitted.

Alongside the cowls to benefit your live appliance or open fire, we offer a capping off service, this is great if you have a chimney no longer used and perhaps it’s always whistling with the wind or maybe allowing birds in to nest. The caps we fit are designed to allow the chimney to circulate air yet prevent the elements, birds and swarms from entering.

Is your Roof in Need of Repair?

Contact South Hams Roofing LTD, a well known and trusted name with over 25 years of experience! They renew, repair and renovate all roofs and associated timber and stone work for domestic, commercial and heritage buildings. They have an enormous client list including the National Trust and English Heritage.

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