Bird Nest Removal

A common misconception is that a bird’s nest is small and similar to what you may see in treetops, this could not be any further from the truth. If you have an open chimney pot and you’re in a hot spot for nesting birds, then you run the risk of being targeted. We specialise in bird nest removal to ensure your chimney is clear.

These need to be removed with great care. They can be quite time consuming in removing as we need to ensure all the nest is removed in order to make the chimney safe. Thanks to the Rodtech system we have an arsenal of tools for removing nests, quickly and efficiently.

Unlike other sweeps we use full colour CCTV inspection equipment, allowing us to ensure that 100% that all the nest has been removed from your chimney. This is included in the price and is such an invaluable asset in this instance.

On average, Jack-daws are the culprits and make their nests deep in the chimney. We remove the nest and we are able to fit the correct style of bird guard you need to ensure they do not return.

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